Thinking of Karaoking ‘Africa’ by Toto or ‘St. Elmos Fire’ by John Parr at your next holiday party? Make sure you have a Gin Gins first.The ginger is said to warm up the vocal cords and reduce swelling. Both John Parr and Bobby Kimball swear by our Gin Gins before hitting the stage.

“I never go onstage without several Gin Gins… Since I have been using Gin Gins, I no longer need to sing for 10 minutes to warm up my voice before I get onstage. The ginger makes my throat warm immediately, and I’m ready to begin singing without trashing my voice warming up… I’ve never found anything as great as Gin Gins for keeping my singing voice strong”, Bobby Kimball of rock band Toto.

So before you belt out a tune, remember to pop in a Gin Gins as a chewy candy or try out the tea recipe below…

  1. Find favorite Gin Gins and Favorite mug
  2. Place two unwrapped Gin Gins inside of mug
  3. Fill mug with hot water and stir
  4. Enjoy