The green coffee in the last years becomes one of the most popular natural resources for losing weight in a healthy way. Be healthy and lose weight with green coffee . This is not a new invented hit on the modern industry for weight loss. Because it was used as a medicine and drink long ago.

Antioxidants and hlorogenichnata acid that can be found in the green coffe are the ingredients that take credit for aid in weight control. Their role is to slow down the production of glucose after a meal, encouraging activity of certain enzymes that the liver produce, and reduce the production of fats which speed up the metabolism.

Basically the active substances that are in the extracts from green coffee act on the metabolism, on the carbohydrates that are acting inhibitory to the current absorption of glucose, as well as on one of the main enzymes in the liver that regulate blood sugar.

Benefits of consuming green coffee

  • Direct affect – Saving the carbohydrates reserves of the liver’s glycogen, in order to stimulate production of glycogen and in that way to stimulate increasing of the carbohydrates reserves in the liver, and in the same time to stop releasing glycogen from those reserves. So this helps for speeding up the metabolism.
  • Indirect affect – It affect on increasing the energy in the body, thanks to the acid that are in green coffee which is deservedly for releasing glycogen and increasing the energy.


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